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Shanghai Zhuoyun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Shanghai Fengxian Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. Our company's business mainly in electronic product maintenance, testing, warehousing services of electronic maintenance enterprises.
We are committed to provide high-quality and reliable maintenance, testing, on-site technical support, project management, reworks, warehousing logistics and spare parts operation and other integrated services for customers. Our company's main customers include some of the world's top 500 companies, which are Ddell , Lenovo , Intel etc.
Furthermore, our company has a high-quality technical team, whereby many of the senior engineers and managers whom previously worked in IT industry, optoelectronic industry and other related industries. Through accurate and efficient matching services and scientific enterprise management. In addition, we establish advanced management system in line with ISO 9001. Along with continuously passed and obtained a number of invention patents. Our company's rapid and sustainable development benefits from advanced technology, innovative ideas and sincere cooperation. Based on our business philosophy of "people-oriented, keep improving" , we are fully committed to provide our employees with a good working environment and first-class product and service to our customers.
Shanghai Zhuoyun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 閩ICP備11006448號-2 閩公網安備35020602000382號 Technical support:Haojin
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