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Due to corporate development needs, we recruit the following positions:


I: FAE motherboard analysis engineer


Location                    :  Shanghai Fengxian                      Working experience    :  2 years and above

Education                 : College or above                           Work Type                   : full-time

Candidate                 :  1 person                                        Publish                         :  2019 / 05 / 17


II: Job requirements:

1. Familiar with MB (notebook desktop, etc.) circuit engineer.

2. Capable of analyse the electric schematic.

3. Have the experience of MB functional repair


III. Post functions:

1. Able to cooperate with the resumption of judgment (in the city)   -----  Important  

2. Analyse daily bad factory OBA

3. Analysis of poor products returned by customers.


IV. Contact information:


Contacts                  :Miss Tang

E-mail                     :tangjia@cj-service.com.cn

Contact Num           :(0086) 021   33656816、8866

Contact Address     No. 29, Lane 3111, Huancheng West Road, Shanghai Industrial Development Zone  




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